What is Virtualisation ?

Virtualisation provides you with all the power and functionality of a server, without having to own the physical IT equipment. You can run whatever software you like on your server, with your own access policies, and benefit from temporary or permanent increases in resources whenever you require. Owning a server in-house has associated costs for security and operating environment, it is essential for your business, but you don’t want to risk paying over the odds for a system that is too highly specified for your everyday needs, just so you have enough power on the occasions when your computing requirements fluctuate.

100 Percent IT Solution

We know your server needs fast, reliable connectivity to the Internet, your business needs to keep your data backed up and you can’t afford the risk of hardware failures. You don’t need to own a physical server: you can rent part of a larger server as a virtual machine instead.

Your virtual server system runs independently inside a cloud of larger machines housed remotely at a data centre. You keep full control, running the operating system and software you want with your own access policies, just as if you were using a standard machine on your premises.

There is no complicated management software to do this – at 100 Percent IT we have all the infrastructure in place ready to go, and can configure a virtual server to your specifications in a matter of minutes.

  • We create a flexible, scalable machine with the performance your business needs.
  •  If your requirements change it is very easy to upgrade the server simply by allocating more resources.
  • There is no downtime and no hassle of fitting extra memory, new disks or processors.
  • 100 Percent IT has a resilient group of servers hosting virtual machines.
  • For added peace of mind, we also offer the option of backing up your virtual server to a second data centre.
Virtualisation 100 Percent IT






Benefits to your Business

  • Instant server(s) – we can get you up and running to your required specification in a matter of minutes
  • A scalable solution – you can add additional resources in seconds when required, and you only pay for what you need now
  • A reliable server – your data is stored on one or more large physical machines with more redundancy of components than you would find in a typical server, there is no worry about parts failing; if there is ever a fault with the physical server, a back-up will take over immediately
  • A cost effective server – you rent the amount of resource you need, there are no upfront capital costs  and you don’t have to over-specify the server to future proof it as you can simply upgrade the resources as and when you need


Why Us?

Companies used to have to purchase physical servers to run their infrastructure, either based in their office or in a comms room on the end of an ADSL line. The server would be purchased as a capital expense and would then depreciate over time. After a few years it would need to be replaced – either it was reaching the end of its reliable life (to avoid disasters it is best to replace servers before they actually fail), or it was no longer powerful enough to meet the changing needs of the company.

With 100 Percent IT’s VirtualiseIT solution, you can lease a virtual machine instead. There are no capital costs and your server can be provisioned in minutes. The virtual machine runs on a larger cluster of servers that are situated in purpose built datacentres with multiple gigabit connections to the internet. Hardware failures are no longer a problem because the server can call on a large pool of resources from the central servers. If your organisation’s demands change – perhaps you are running more processor-intensive software, or you need extra bandwidth so your website can handle more customers during a promotion – additional resources can be provisioned immediately. There are no delays in waiting for hardware and no downtime while the server is reinstalled. Virtual Machines are fast, scalable and flexible.

Our team of experts offer support and are ready to help with any question you or anyone in your business may have, we make your company IT, easier, scalable, secure and flexible.