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Virtualisation Benefits Infographic

We hope our Virtualisation Benefits Infographic helps to highlight the main areas of benefit which Virtualisation can bring to your company’s IT environment.

The majority of today’s servers run at a processing capacity well below their potential. Servers historically could only operate one application at a time, a costly investment for any business who required multiple servers to run more than one application.

Virtualisation is a practical and cost efficient solution, the majority of business owners have cited IT running costs for security, maintenance, upgrades and staffing as some of the largest overheads impacting their businesses. Often investments needed for running IT systems have prevented available funds being invested into other areas within a business.

Companies used to have to purchase physical servers to run their infrastructure, these servers would be purchased as a capital expense depreciating over time. Within a few years, they would need replacing- either they were reaching the end of their reliable life or were no longer powerful enough to meet the changing needs for your company.

With our virtualisation solution, you can lease a virtual machine instead. There are no capital costs and your server can be provisioned in minutes. The virtual machine runs on a larger cluster of servers situated in purpose built data centres with multiple gigabit connections to the internet. Hardware failures are no longer a problem because the server can call on a large pool of resources from the central servers.

If your business demands change or you need extra bandwidth so your website can handle more customers during peak selling periods additional resources can be provisioned immediately. There are no delays in waiting for hardware and no downtime while the server is reinstalled. Virtual machines are fast, scalable and flexible.

Virtualisation Benefits Infographic


The Benefits of Virtualisation


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