1st April 2016

100 Percent IT has just announced that it will be launching it’s trusted, secure cloud platform, Antyran, “The Key to the Cloud” at the Cloud Security Expo at ExCeL on 12th and 13th of April 2016.

Antyran named after Ran, the Norse goddess who captured sailors also represents Anti-Tyranny. It signifies the fact that for the first time the Cloud Service Provider can no longer have arbitrary power or control over customer data, removing the need for the consumer to trust their cloud provider and opening up the Public cloud to new markets. The cloud becomes transparent so users have total visibility of everything happening with their data along with the underlying infrastructure yet still maintain full security and anonymity for other users. Antyran includes a cryptographic audit trail showing everything that has happened to the virtual server providing the ability to remotely verify that the virtual server has not been tampered with along with the ability to remotely verify that the data remains encrypted and view all log access requests.

The Cloud Security Expo is part of the larger Cloud Expo Europe, the largest dedicated business technology event in Europe with over 15,000 people attending in 2015.

Professor David Wallom, Associate Director of Innovation from the Oxford e-Research Centre at Oxford University is speaking about the innovative technology we’ve developed in a talk entitled “Trust and Cloud computing, removing the need for the consumer to trust their provider” in the Developing & Delivering Cloud Security Strategies Theatre on Wednesday 13th April at 11.30am or come and see us on stand S332.

Register for your free ticket to the Cloud Security Expo along with the other shows at Cloud Expo Europe.

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March 2016

David Blundell, Managing Director of 100 Percent IT has been asked to speak at the highly respected CloudScape 2016 conference in Brussels on 8th-9th March.

The session A Trusted Cloud – Strengthening Trust in online services, chaired by Elena Bonfiglioli, industry director for Healthcare in EMEA at Microsoft will address the following areas:

“To reap the full potential of cloud, Europe needs to continue investing in cloud research. A key priority is building trust and confidence in the cloud. What is the current status in the market. How do we expect it to evolve to meet European policy objectives and investments, especially in sectors where Europe has a key stake? How can we achieve greater transparency over data integrity by cloud service providers and the industry at large?”

David’s expertise in integrating trusted computing into cloud platforms to provide full transparency of data means it will certainly be an interesting and lively discussion. As former President Ronald Reagan said quoting the Russian proverb, Doveryai no Proveryai, Trust but Verify.

30th March 2016

Today 100 Percent IT was one of a select few Cloud providers to formally commit to working with the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) through signing a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU commits 100 Percent IT to providing their high quality, reliable OpenStack based IaaS public cloud platform to the EGI Federated Cloud through the pay-for-use project.

As a founding member of the EGI Pay-for-Use steering committee, 100 Percent IT has helped pioneer the process to enable the EGI to work with commercial providers and enable their academic customers to benefit from the high Service Level Agreements (SLAs) only available from commercial providers.

24th March 2016

Today the Sci-GalA project became the latest European organisation to successfully launch their customised virtual servers on the 100 Percent IT OpenStack platform. The Sci-GaIA project – “Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa” – is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project to Promote the uptake of Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa and beyond.

100 Percent IT is delighted to be able to support worthwhile projects through Africa Grid such as providing infrastructure to facilitate a community health portal to help rural healthcare workers optimise care of their patients.

With few exceptions, African universities and research centres lack access to dedicated global research and education resources because they are not connected to the global infrastructure consisting of dedicated high capacity regional networks. The consequence is that research and higher education requiring such access cannot currently be conducted in Africa and consequently the continent is not well-represented in the global research community.

An important bottleneck is the lack of direct peering with other research and higher education networks. This bottleneck can be removed only by creating dedicated National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) connecting research and tertiary education institutions in each African country with a Regional Research and Education Network (RREN) interconnected to the peer infrastructures on other continents.

The Africa Grid Science Gateway enables researchers to run standardised virtual server images on selected cloud providers infrastructure now including 100 Percent IT using their existing federated credentials.

20th October 2014

We are delighted to announce that 100 Percent IT has been awarded funding from Innovate UK for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with the University of Oxford.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme helps businesses to innovate and grow. It does this by linking the business with a university and one or more graduates to work on a specific project through a competitive funding process. Managed by Innovate UK, the KTP will help 100 Percent IT get access to world leading academic expertise. Only around 300 KTPs are awarded each year so we are thrilled that our project has been selected for funding.

The exciting partnership will enable 100 Percent IT to work with experts in cryptography from the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC) at the University of Oxford to research and develop a trusted cloud platform where users no longer have to trust cloud service providers with their data. A fully auditable activity trail is planned so that users can see at all times who has accessed their servers. The servers themselves will be fully encrypted and the encryption key will remain in the user’s control at all times. This has the potential to revolutionise cloud services and we are excited to begin recruitment for the Associate who will lead the development.

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October 2013

100 Percent IT is delighted to have been confirmed as the first commercial provider to successfully integrate their Public Cloud Platform with the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) Federated Cloud.

The EGI Federated Cloud is a seamless grid of academic private clouds and virtualised resources, built around open standards and focusing on the requirements of the scientific community.

100 Percent IT has developed an easy to use, automated cloud platform based on OpenStack which has been customised to enable integration with third parties such as EGI.

Integration of research institutions with public cloud providers is essential to enable the academic communities to easily connect to the scalable resources their projects need using their standard academic credentials. David Blundell, MD of 100 Percent IT commented “It was a lot of work to integrate our OpenStack cloud with the EGI API but we’ve been able to document the process to make it easier for subsequent suppliers”

100 Percent IT has donated significant resources to the EGI project to enable Europe’s research institutions to benefit from fast, reliable IaaS.

Download the EGI newsletter with an interview with 100 Percent IT’s MD, David Blundell.