The G-Cloud Framework simplifies procurement, reduces costs and increases flexibility

CrownCommercialserviceSupplierThe Government G-Cloud framework was introduced in 2012 and has transformed the way that the UK public sector including Local Government can purchase cloud computing. Servers can be provisioned in seconds rather than months and the standard call-off contracts mean that red-tape is eliminated and contracts can be agreed quickly and without complex negotiations. This delivers faster, more relevant solutions to our customer organisations which can in turn deliver a vastly improved service to their customers both internally and externally. The much publicised cuts to budgets in already efficient local authorities mean increasingly overstretched procurement and IT departments still need to achieve further efficiency savings. Working with 100 Percent IT through the G-Cloud framework enables you to benefit from the streamlined procurement and provisioning process, deliver maximum value from your ICT budgets and increase the value and service you offer to your users and local communities.

100 Percent IT has been a G-Cloud supplier since service inception in 2012. Through the platform we can supply Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions to Local Government and the public sector using the standardised contracts to simplify the procurement process. Our highly skilled technical team are committed to working with you to ensure that your project needs are exceeded and that provisioning is a smooth and stress free process.

For more information please see our G-Cloud listing.