How to Complain 

100 Percent IT is committed to providing in all aspects of its work including, provisioning and management of telecommunications networking, hosting and other related services a professional, efficient service that is valued by it’s customers.

However, should you feel that our service levels fall below acceptable standards, we do have a formal complaints policy and procedure in place so that you may feel confident that, should the need arise, your complaint will be dealt with in a positive manner. 100 Percent IT recognises that complaints are a positive feedback tool to support service improvement.

Therefore we aim to ensure that:

· making a complaint is as easy as possible;

· we deal with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially;

· we respond in the right way – for example, with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong, or information on any action taken;

· we learn from complaints, use them to improve our service, and review annually our complaints policy and procedures.

100 Percent IT has a responsibility to:

· acknowledge the formal complaint in writing;

· respond within a stated period of time;

· deal reasonably and sensitively with the complaint;

· take action where appropriate.

A complainant has a responsibility to:

· bring their complaint, in writing, to 100 Percent IT’s attention normally within 8 weeks of the issue arising;

· raise concerns promptly and directly with a member of staff in 100 Percent IT;

· explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date;

· allow 100 Percent IT a reasonable time to deal with the matter;

· recognise that some circumstances may be beyond 100 Percent IT’s control.

Formal Complaints Procedure


Stage 1

In the first instance, if you are unable to resolve the issue informally, you should write to the member of staff who dealt with you, or their manager, so that he or she has a chance to put things right.

In your letter you should set out

· the details of your complaint, including the circumstances in which the complaint arose, and a chronological outline of the dates(s) of the event(s

  • the consequences for you as a result

· if you have complained informally to 100 Percent IT and if so, what the outcome was

· if you have complained to any other organisation about the matter and if so, the name of the organisation and the outcome.

  • the remedy you are seeking.

You can expect your complaint to be acknowledged within five (5) working days of receipt. You should get a response and an explanation within ten (10) working days. If the complaint cannot be resolved within ten (10) working days, a full reply should be sent within twenty eight (28) working days.

Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the initial response to the complaint then you can write to the Managing Director and ask for your complaint and the response to be reviewed. The Managing Director will appoint a suitable Complaints Investigating Officer who will regularly update you about how the investigation is progressing.

For further information, please see our Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy.