The demand for faster data access and greater security controls are ever increasing as Global business continues to evolve.



What is Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing is above all, an effective means to store your company data remotely in a hosted data centre.
  • Furthermore, it delivers virtual resources which support the reduction of company investment into physical on property hardware.
  • These applications known as Software as a Service (SaaS), run on remote computers hosted in the cloud. A Service Provider such as 100 Percent IT will manage this for you.
  • One of the great advantages of a cloud service is the speed with which it can react to business requirements.
  • It is flexible and scales to changing workload demands without placing pressure on internal storage. We ensure, your business has as much as you need.  



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Cloud Solution Business Benefits

Our Cloud Computing packages are designed to be flexible and affordable. Above all, we structure are fees to flex with your business usage. As a result, when your business sees a spike in demand you never need worry about large IT costs .

We offer expert support, in fact, our support team are happy to help with any questions you may have. 

  • Worry Free.  Migrating your I.T to a cloud solution, means more space, no more making room for in-house servers, or maintenance.
  • Scalable. More Storage, Memory, and Power whenever you need. Likewise, we can scale down during quicker times helping keep costs at budget levels.
  • Access Anywhere.  For those businesses who need access 24/7 worldwide this is especially important. Furthermore, you can even work offline. For this reason, migrating to a cloud offering is truly a smart solution.
  • Secure.  We assure our Customers, when working with 100 Percent IT  their data is secure. 



There are three models when discussing cloud computing

  • Public Cloud. Service providers like 100 Percent IT , host the services and infrastructure and make them available via the internet.
  • Private Cloud.  Business owners and employees only access the infrastructure which is stored on private networks. This can be a preferred option, especially if your business handles sensitive data. Whilst there is an increased level of security, in contrast, it is a more expensive choice as it requires a need for physical hardware to be purchased and stored.
  • Hybrid Cloud. A mix of both a public and private cloud environment. This model offers maximum benefits of efficiency, flexibility, and scalable solutions.


Key questions to ask

Can you tell if your Service Provider has accessed your company data ?

Trusted Cloud iconTrust between the customer and service provider is a crucial element of the purchasing and procurement decision process. 100 Percent IT together with the assistance of the University of Oxford, have developed new technology which can now solve the ongoing challenges connected with Cloud Computing. Uniquely delivering a truly Trusted Cloud Service offering.

Our Trusted Data Platform ‘TDP’ provides a system which is as secure as a company having their Servers in their own data centres. This enables users to upload encrypted data and disk images to the cloud.  Protected within the hardware device is a separate decryption key called a ‘Trusted Platform Module’ TPM, this is part of the physical server hardware. The TPM ensure the Service Provider only views the encrypted disk image and not your organisation’s data.

Can your Service Providers Cloud infrastructure defend against attacks or malicious users ?

Trusted Cloud icon100 Percent IT – Cloud Infrastructure Integrity Assurance. We are able to allow businesses and third parties such as CESG or other Cyber Security firms to remotely verify the underlying software running is exactly the same software that has been independently audited. This remote attestation system also allows verification. The underlying cloud software is patched, up to date and has no known security flaws. 

How does your Organisation ensure, third parties only access or process the data they are authorised to?

Trusted Cloud icon100 Percent IT  – Trusted Data Exchanging Assurance. The Trusted Data Platform ‘TDP’ is backed up by a verification audit trial by our support team. We can confirm who has accessed the data, from where and when. This facility for external third party verification. Creates complete confidence that Service Providers and any unauthorised third parties physically cannot access your company data. 

Can your business rapidly detect if your servers have been hacked or interfered with?

Trusted Cloud icon100 Percent IT – Intrusion Detection Assurance. We have created an additional layer of security an enhanced Intrusion Detection System ‘IDS’. Rather than analysing network traffic which can miss zero-day attacks or running as a program inside the virtual machine which can be hacked. Our trusted data platform provides a monitoring system which runs in the virtual machine hypervisor and can scan the virtual machine from the outside. Your                            business can create your own white list of software which runs on the virtual machine and is checked every few seconds. As a result, if malicious code                        does manage to bypass the virtual machine operating system security, the Trusted Data Platform can immediately freeze the virtual machine, suspend                      VM networking, send an email alert or a combination of the above so you are always in control.