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100 Percent IT offers a wide range of managed I.T services and support. Our success is due to the innovation and hard work from our team, over the last two decades.

Founded at the height of the E-Commerce boom in 2000 by Cambridge University graduate David Blundell. 100 Percent IT started life providing secure Internet access to multi-tenanted office environments.

Through research and collaborative networking courses with Cisco. The company pioneered the delivery of secure private networks using a single switch/router to deliver high-quality secure Internet access in a multi-tenant environment.

As a result, the extensive network we offer delivers a solid infrastructure of Cisco and Juniper networking equipment and Dell hardware. This network is constructed for reliability which alongside redundancy come as standard through our high availability design. Standardising means we are specialists in the technology that we use and recommend to our clients.

Data storage

100 Percent IT has rack space in three datacentres, two in London’s Docklands and also one in Berkshire. To ensure continuous operation, the datacentres have access to redundant high-capacity power supplies and are therefore scalable for future expansion. Each site features Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems, advanced fire protection systems and custom-designed air conditioning.

Our service

We tailor to your needs and budget and scale accordingly. Furthermore, the supportive approach we adopt delivers smart, cost-effective and sustainable packages to a wide client portfolio and ranging I.T needs. Most of all, we cut through jargon and implement solutions you need, therefore leaving you free to focus on running your business more profitably.

Regardless of business size and industry sector, we understand how to implement the solutions you need for today and years to come.

As a result, businesses come to 100 Percent IT for a wide range of technological solutions. This includes MPLS Internet access, Cloud computing, Secure cloud, VPN access to support remote employees and email and web hosting. We make everything work together seamlessly.

Recently, the R&D team have been focused on virtual infrastructure. A strong foundation in VMware-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) led to development of the open source OpenStack platform. Working with the technology since the Bexar release. Our team are now pioneering development in the field of cryptography and trusted-cloud computing and are integrating it into OpenStack.
The company’s headquarters is in Newbury, UK.

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